Aliviate el corazon roto Tapa Dura (Spanish Edition)

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Es la una dada.

domingo, 24 de enero de 2016

Es la una y un cuarto. No son aun las dos. It is on the stroke of three 0 It is going to strike three. It is ten minutes past three. It is not too late It is later than I thought. I did not think it was so late. Son cerca de las tres. Vea V.

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No es tarde. Es mas tarde de lo que pensaba. The Weather. What kind of weather is it? It is bad weather. It is very cloudy. It is dreadful weather. It is fine weather. We are going to have a fine day. It is dewy. It is foggy. It is rainy weather. It threatens to rain. The sky becomes very cloudy. The sky is getting very dark. The sun is coming out. The weather is clearing up again. It is very hot. It is sultry. It is very mild. It is cold.

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It is excessively cold. It is raw weather. It rains.

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  • It has been raining. It snows; it is snowing. It has snowed in large J flakes. J It freezes.

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    It has frozen, j It begins to yield. It thaws. Hace mal tiempo. Hace un tiempo nebuloso. Hace buen tiempo. Hay neblina. Hace un tiempo lluvioso.

    El tiempo indica agua. El cielo se pone nebuloso. El cielo se oscurece. Hace mucho calor. Hace un calor sofocante. Ha llovido. Yo siento algunas gotas de agua. Ha nevado. Ha helado. I am happy tc see you. It is a novelty to see you. Pray sit down. Sit down, if you please Give a chair to the lady. Will you stay and take some dinner with us? I cannot stay. I only came to see how you are. I must go. Why are you in such a hurry? You are in a great hurry.

    I have a great many things to do. Surely you can stay a little longer. I will stay longer another time. I thank you for your visit. I hope to see you soon again. Breakfasts Have you breakfasted? Not yet. You are just come in time. You will breakfast with us?

    Breakfast is ready. Do you drink tea or coffee? I prefer coffee. What can I offer you? Here are rolls and toast What do you like best? I shall take a roll.. How do you like the l' coffee?

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    Is the coffee strong enough? If there is not, do not ' make any ceremony. Before Dinner. No puedo quedarme. Tengo que marcharme. Tengo mucho que hacer. Bien puede V, quedarse un momento mas. Si no tiene bastante- no haga V. Shall we have anybody to dinner to-day.

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    Do you expect company? I expect Mr. Have you given orders for dinner? What have you ordered for dinner? Have you sent for fish?