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Although what happens behind the closed doors often stays behind them, unless one is Trump, but if the official account of the American representative is anything to go by, his maiden trip to India in such capacity did not have much to say.

This was in addition to him thanking the warm Indian hospitality, but that was about it. It appeared as though the Assistant Secretary was suggesting that India cannot be made a party to the talks just because Pakistan is there.

For India, its dilemmas concerning Afghanistan are coming back to haunt it. Reiterating its support for an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled peace process , the indifference with which India has been treated in the current rounds of negotiations only rivals the neglect that has been meted out to the Afghan government. Reading the Indian dilemma right, the former President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai provided a discursive escape from this sticky situation. India is a friend of Afghanistan or the Afghan people.

In fact, Tehran , in a bold statement too extended its good offices to India should it want to talk to the Taliban. The dictates of realpolitik suggest that India should not be wary of keeping all its options open. This does not mean that India has to go back on its moral commitments or affect its other strategic requirements. Her doctoral thesis looks at the interaction between spaces and political subjectivities of Afghan diaspora in the cities of Delhi, Kolkata and parts of Kashmir.

She can be reached at: chayanika.

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Photo: AP. Related Posts. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Free mail. Latest Blog. I made it over to the sink, splashed water on my face, tried to drink some, threw it back up, and just filled the sink with what remained in my guts. At one point near the end of the three days of this repetitious cycle, I remember the hotel manager coming up to ask me if I was going to pay my bill. It's no fun arguing in Spanish when you are sick as a dog, but I think I got my point across when I reached my hand through the slight opening in the door and held out a wad of bills.

It was all the money I had left. As soon as I felt better, I was going to have to hit the streets and busk for change to get some juice, and perhaps a banana. The moment did arrive when I was strong enough to walk more than a few feet and hold down a sip of water.

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The first thing I did after taking a shower was to walk down to the Zocalo. I don't remember having any major objective other than to just get my legs back on. All roads lead to the main square and soon enough I found myself standing in front of the cathedral, looking up at the facade. Quite a few of them squatted there-some missing limbs. One in particular had a very guttural sound coming out of his throat as he held his hand out for scraps and loose change.

I sat down next to him and imagined what it was like to have to do what he did every day in order to survive. I began to pray at that moment.

[3 REDUX] Center of the Universe, Room 24

I thanked God for everything I had. I was grateful to be alive and happy that I had only to pick up my guitar and begin again. My appetite had returned. I realized that I had it made and that everything was going to be just fine. At the very moment all of this had dawned on my foggy brain, a bird shit all over me from his perch up high on the cathedral.

Songs for the Late and the Lonely Redux

The beggars just laughed, as did I, eventually. I had bird scat all over my hair and shoulders. I stood up and made my way toward the hotel in order to clean myself up.

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I couldn't believe what had just happened and began to feel a mixture of slight despondency mixed in with resolved joy. As I walked across the square, a mother carrying a small child approached from the opposite direction. At the very moment they passed by, the child reached out and slapped me right in the face, hard. The mother was shocked. She began to apologize profusely and berate her daughter, who had a huge grin on her face.

I stopped her from apologizing and explained that everything was absolutely all right. Greetings friends. In between wrapping up the North Americ