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Time Stories: If you start brainstorming stories that center around time, you will have an incredibly long list of amazing ideas. What big events are held annually?

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How did they start; why are they popular? Consider covering what people do in their spare time, on their commute to campus. Look back in time like the Rice Thresher did to cover large events in your communities history. Follow an athlete around for a day and document everything they do in order to be successful. Or maybe go vegan for a week and document it like this reporter from the Nevada Sagebrush.

Heavy storms and thunder, like the one that came through Houston Monday, can cause anxiety in children who had a tramautic eperience with Hurricane Harvey. Children will experience feelings that remind them of the disaster. Or go to the International House of Pancakes and order a burger? Have a little fun with your reviews this summer and try the newest fads. Best of the year. Many outlets have reduced or non-existent schedules in the summer. But you need to keep some traffic going. So put together a best of post. Maybe repost the stories that garnered the most attention or the most comments.

But take some time to turn the spotlight on yourself. Recent alumni. Again, not lots of stuff happening in the summer sometime.

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So follow some recent alumni. Maybe ask them to write first hand accounts of what they are doing in their first jobs or internships or fellowships. Set up a way for current students to submit their summer photos. Keep folks engaged.

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Celebrating graduation. Seniors graduating from student media penning farewell letters. Look for inspiring stories, like the mother of five who graduated from Texas Southern University Law School. Or consider a piece on graduation garb: like Rachel Fradette who decorated her mortarboard the graduation cap with The State News. Have some fun with commencement.

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Living with disabilities on a college campus. Melissa Krupp at The University Press at Florida Atlantic University highlights some of the challenges she and other students experience while living with disabilities. Rather than a straight report on issues these students face, The UP allowed her to tell the story herself and put a face to the syndrome she lives with.

You can do the same with so many different populations. Announcing the next leaders. Sometimes college media forgets the influence it has on campus. You announce winners of the student government elections. And you cover who gets key positions in the administration. But do you announce who will be the new lead of your student media outlet?

Maybe you should.

Student media leaders help shape the conversation, and on some campuses, they are elected through various means. Consider announcing who will be leading your media next. College students and food insecurity. A major cause of concern throughout higher education is food insecurity among the college population. The Technician did a story on the food pantry on campus and how it is finding more students in need of their services due to changes in the food stamp system.

Now an initiative has been launched to end food insecurity. NC State is the only place this is happening. Look into food services on campus. Talk to staff in dining services. Ask if students on your campus struggle with this. And if not, why not. Surviving the end of the semester.

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The Nicholls Worth offers up some tips for getting through the end of the year, and while the ideas are somewhat glib, your ideas could be more serious. Also consider talking to someone in first year programs about studying tips or find the best spots on campus to study. Put together a playlist and share it through your social media, or better yet, play it during a specified time on your radio station. Explore coffee shops for the strongest coffee and maybe tie it to some advertising deals. Covering international students differently.

The Minnesota Daily chose to highlight international students, but not by looking at which countries send the most to the school.

Storytime: Link's Terrible Traffic Tickets

Instead the paper sought students who are the only representatives of their respective countries on campus. Ask what unique struggles or surprises they have encountered. Talk about what they miss from home and how they create community on your campus. Lowering the drinking age. This Daily Gamecock columnist suggests that lowering the legal drinking age could help reduce alcohol-related emergencies at the University of South Carolina.

Senate Bill in Louisiana would allow and years to buy and consume alcohol with a certificate and parental consent. Would lowering the age help? Talk to your administrators and students. In the age of legalized marijuana, talking about other controlled substances makes sense. Secret Societies. This piece from The Underground at Penn State takes an in-depth look at secret societies on campus and the impact they may have on campus life. The series says it will investigate accusations against these organizations and allow the campus community to draw its own conclusions.

Afterschool jobs. It could be interesting to find out how many students on your campus are employed in part-time jobs, and to examine what kind of jobs they have and how that impacts their studies. A Bourbon Street bartender pours a drink. Madison Ogletree Photo Editor. Angel Ulloa for The Daily Texan.