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Walton offers a thorough account of how Buddhist ideas have influenced political thinking and, as a result, political action, in Myanmar. Many of these rebellious eruptions have modern day equivalents. Intentional communities never disappeared though they cycle from popular ventures to backwoods near oblivion and workers hesitantly emerged from clandestine meetings to openly organize for their rights, though today corporate hostility to unions sees them returning to caution and secrecy. The question however is whether the organizers and the foreign participants in the event will pay sufficient attention to the facts highlighted in a recent report of the Bangkok-based World Buddhist University WBU on the socio-economic and cultural challenges facing Asian Buddhists with a case study in Sri Lanka.

At the end of last summer I sold my little retreat, ZenRiver Gardens, and part of the clearing up process has been finding new homes for the poetry books from the small library. Architecture of the Buddhist World Book Review by By Vikas Datta, IANS, Dec 11, New Delhi, India -- Any religion's most public symbol are its prayer structures and most, or prominent examples at least, bear some distinctive characteristics: the 'shikhara' of Hindu temples, the cross structure plan of churches, minarets and domes of mosques, and so on.

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There may be variations across history and regions, local influences but some motifs persist to help identify them. Buddhist architecture is an exception. Once again, this anthology will focus on the cultural and religious heritage of Bangladesh. Bangladesh, being a melting pot of diverse culture and religions, has developed a tradition of showing reverence to all religions and culture.

Buddha as Therapist: Meditations by G. Maurits Kwee, in collaboration with Daniel M. Shaub, The Buddhist Channel, Oct 13, This book is the final of a series of four written over a period of 10 years and the result of an East-West collaborative effort by scholars who study the psychology contained in Buddhism. These volumes draw on what Maurits has coined Buddhism 4. And yet, the case of Japan is more complex, opaque and, at times, divisive.

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It can be a journey of enlightenment, a chance to improve your health or to expiate for a wrong deed. But the interested reader will profit greatly from a fascinating work just published: Saving Buddhism: The Impermanence of Religion in Colonial Burma by American historian Alicia Turner. Kathmandu, Nepal -- Himalayan Passages: Tibetan and Newar Studies in Honor of Hubert Decleer Wisdom Publications , is a fine collection of scholarly, yet accessible, articles that should be on the reading list of anyone with an interest in the history, culture and religious traditions of this region.

It is a timely contribution to concerns across Asia about the social role of Buddhism. There has been serious study only in the past 20 to 30 years. Buffalo, NY USA -- A rapidly growing field of study - the influence of Buddhist thought on legal systems worldwide - has its first book-length overview with a new compilation conceived by a UB Law School faculty member who is a pioneer in the field.

A museum at the PTDC Skardu motel is also a testament to the Italian excavation teams and their efforts within the Buddhist sites in northeastern Pakistan. Available: Amazon Kindle E-Book. Bonn, Germany -- This book is addressed to readers who wants to know how to turn their everyday life into a spiritual path. Kowloon, Hong Kong S. It is written by noted architect and scholar Vikram Lall and is the first book in the six book series. Author Yalith Wijesurendra uncovers the truth behind Buddhism The Buddhist Channel, Feb 1, New book takes a rational and critical approach answering various questions asked about Buddhism in a detailed, coherent manner.

He later read so much about Buddhism and sought answers from the Buddhist monks. Can Buddhists Be Activists? Barash, HNN, Jan 26, Washington, USA -- Buddhism is widely seen as quietistic, self-involved, and concerned only with personal enlightenment and the achievement of inner peace. Alan Wallace. My own work as a therapist has included an underlying Eastern philosophy. Though Buddhism has many meditation practices, it is first and foremost an ethical teaching and a way of life.

I have heard anecdotally that Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Zen teacher, was once asked to summarize all of Buddhist teaching in one word. Well, he has a story to tell and also a philosophy to unpack for a wide-eyed journalist, who confronts this stranger from afar with a mixture of awe, reverence, and deep mistrust. Morais' Buddhaland Brooklyn is that an apparent fish-out-of-water can eventually find, and adjust to, its new pond.

Morais takes rather a long time to get there, but he makes it. Munshiram Manoharlal.

Where the Path Divides: Early Buddhism and the Bodhisattva Ideal

Pages with index and bibliography. Rs New Delhi, India -- This book makes two assertions: One that there was a religion described as "Brahmanical-Hinduism" and two that Buddhism was essentially a religion of the urban elite with little support in the countryside even at its height. Further, the author argues that Buddhism was centred on monasticism which was always well removed from its lay supporters. London, UK -- Graphic novels are peculiarly suited to the discussion of Buddhist themes. That frozen moment in each pane, paused for us to examine, more details revealing themselves the harder we look, has something in common with meditation and the desire to appreciate the "nowness" of each moment of life.

The Book of Pages by David Whiteland is a wonderful meditation on Buddhism and technology, and Deepak Chopra has produced a comic book about the Buddha. University of Hawai'i Press, , pp. Tokyo, Japan -- Residents of Japan will be vaguely aware of the long-nose impish figures known as Tengu, thinking of them as piquant figurines without deep religious significance. Tengu take many shapes in Japanese folklore, for instance as mischievous kidnappers of children or Pucks leading travelers astray.

He opened and closed the keyboard lid three times — but didn't play a sound. After 4 minutes and 33 seconds, the performer walked off the stage. Outrage ensued. The contributors discuss a variety of topics ranging from whether politics is a dirty game to the contribution made by learned Buddhist scholars and a few topics related to the teachings of the Buddha.

Also known as Adventures of the Monkey God, it is a fitting tool to compare Buddhism and Kantian philosophy. Yet you could read everything written on Thai Buddhism in English for scholars or tourists without noticing his existence, let alone his importance. In this superb book, McDaniel not only does justice to Somdet To but suggests a new way of thinking about "Thai Buddhism" and how it is studied.

New Delhi, India -- Though we share thousands of kilometers of our border with Tibet, our knowledge of that country woeful.


One reason for it the forbidding presence the Himalayas that limits intercourse. San Francisco, CA USA -- I often teach that Buddhism is about how to be truly happy, so I have been studying the new research field of "happiness studies," which focuses on the objective measures and causes of happiness. Maine, USA -- "Special Karma" is a fascinating novel, of interest to anyone who has attempted to do meditation practice or follow a spiritual discipline, to anyone who has fallen in and out of young love.

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Buddhism has never been more popular in the west. A sceptic's view makes fascinating reading, while a how-to guide makes the usual exaggerated claims. London, UK -- Despite the long-term decline in the west in churchgoing, people's yearning for some kind of transcendence appears as strong as ever, echoed in the common refrain: "I'm not religious but I am spiritual. Untying Injustice by Gary Gach, Beliefnet. His latest title may be his most universal yet. It deals with the question, Why do bad things happen to good people?

At some point, we will all ask this, about ourselves, or those around us.

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With its gender disguise and message of forgiveness, it may remind readers a bit of 'Yentl' mixed with the Sermon on the Mount. Partly, it's that Buddhism seems "spiritual" without being too religious; it's also that Buddhist practices, especially meditation, are popularly associated with happiness, contentment, and well-being. Sri Dhammananda Thero, is a must read book for anyone who has an interest in Buddhism. It answers many questions asked about Buddhism for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. It was merely a cutlet, but it was the first time that Louis van Loon had been confronted with meat looking like this.

Recently arrived in South Africa from post-war Netherlands where he'd only ever had meat presented as a sausage or out of a tin, it was an awakening that cemented his vegetarianism. And vice-versa! Ultimately, truth has no beginning, middle, nor end. Yet it intertwines with the historical world. So each year I greet with great pleasure—and a divine delight—yet another new edition of The Best Buddhist Writing. And , seventh in the series, is no exception. Can Poetry Heal the Planet? In the interim, he's not remained silent.

Indeed, you may recognize his name as a bestselling spiritual author. So, when a reader once complained to the author how his book Who Dies? Buddhist Economics?

Its title, however, isn't a reference to how much a vast supply of nothing might be worth, or how to make a buck doing nothing. Instead, it comes from an Oscar Wilde quote: "Nowadays people know the price of everything but the value of nothing. Tokyo, Japan -- What would Jesus and Buddha do if they were suddenly thrust into contemporary society, and how would they react to what they found? History of Cambodian Buddhism by S. This is understandable, given that France was Cambodia's colonial power. What is available in English is only scanty.

Buddhism and State Power in Myanmar

Comic book on 14th Dalai Lama to be available in 10 languages Phayul, September 4, Dharamsala, India -- A graphic novel on the life and personality of the Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama will now be available in 10 languages in different parts of the world. Russian children have fun learning about His Holiness the Dalai Lama! Tibet Custom, August 31 Dharamshala, India -- It will be a great fun for children to have comics for reading to learn about the remarkable life and personality of His Holiness the 14h Dalai Lama.

Relaxing into Meditation The Buddhist Channel, Aug 12, Exercises and practices to help us to live a life free from stress. Described by one reviewer as "the best book on meditation I've ever read", Relaxing into Meditation is an accessible guide to relaxation and meditation.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- MOST Malaysians, even non-Buddhists, would have some idea of the life story of the man who achieved enlightenment as the Buddha and founded principles of living now followed by millions. Ditto the poet, who could conjure a description of the entire universe within a few lines.

Reviewed by Bradman Weerakoon. Asked to change religion? Here's help by Yen Feng, Straits Times, May 17, Buddhist group produces book on how to handle unwelcome proselytising.