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L THE future of the mobile phone on which you can surf,. This is twice the amount the company had originally planned. He said the. The national website for kids at the unusual address. Next change: Movies beamed to digital cinemas Technicolor and Qualcomm have joined forces to distribute films to cinemas digitally. The companies will form a joint venture to. Here you would find the eFiction India is the only professionally produced independent magazine devoted to essays, fiction, poetry, art and criticism.

Here you would find the best of Indian writers, around the world, with their finest work. The magazine is conceived as a dialogue — a platform which carries the best of contemporary writing in India. It is not India-specific and addresses a community which is more easily defined in terms of mindspace rather than in purely geographical terms. Make sure you bring along a good sense of humor ; and a broad mind. This is a democratic group,that wants to discuss books, make friends and basically just have fun. Moderators are here just to do some dirty jobs, so feel free to suggest any ideas you might have to improve this group.

We started off as an open group, but then seemed to attract all sorts of rude, abusive disruptive elements. So with great deliberations we decided to make it a private group attempting to screen in those who are genuinely interested, and not those who join for promoting their work by hook or by crook, and those who are bent upon stalking vulnerable individuals.

Accepting you here shows our trust in you, and you may reciprocate being an active, friendly member ;- We are a peace loving group and would like to stay that way! Authors are welcome, but please try to stick to the "promotions" folder if you want to promote your book. If you are interested in answering questions about the creative process of writing and the anxious experience of publishing , there is a separate thread for you : We have a facebook page too!

If you know of Book-a-holic Indians who aren't aware of this group, feel free to spread the word by 'like'-ing the page What began as a single magazine has blossomed into a full magazine production company with a FictionMagazines.

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