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How surprised my humble grandparents would be if they had only known that so many years later this all would come to pass…. Emilio and I receiving gifts and congratulations from First Lady Mrs. Margaret Abela at the St. Anton Palace in June of I knew I wanted to make sound disc one day of this project. Upon meeting Ruben L. La catedral, inspirado en momentos en J. Bach es considerado el magnum opus del autor. The costumed concert repertoire is comprised of songs and duets by Gioacchino Rossini that relatex his love for the musical culture of Spain as well as his relationships with royalty and personalities of the day such as Queens Maria Cristina and Isabel ii, as well as the Duchess of Alba and Berwick and his patron Francisco Aguado.

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The concert is part of the HSA music series which this season, celebrates five centuries of music from Spain. The painter Sorolla was an integral figure of a group of Spanish progressive thinkers and educators, the so called Institucionistas, which founded a series of schools in Spain with the goal of bringing the country to the forefront of European culture towards the end of the 19th century.

The intimate ties between the founder of the Hispanic Society Archer Huntington and the Institucionistas is evidenced by letters and avid correspondence between them. The program includes several U. Both are recording artists well-versed in the fields of 19th — and 20th — century Spanish music. They are joined by American mezzo-soprano Anna Tonna, a former Fulbright Scholar to Spain and a specialist in vocal music by Spanish composers as well as by award-winning actor Francisco Fuertes.

Beginning in , he began to construct a series of buildings on Audubon Terrace and to assemble a collection of books and works of art which are today unparalleled in scope and quality outside the Iberian Peninsula. There are also magnificent examples of ceramic, glass, furniture, textiles, ironwork, jewelry and photographs. The Library offers resources to scholars interested in the culture of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America through its collection of more than , books and periodicals, which include more than 15, volumes printed before and approximately , manuscripts from the 12th century to the present.

The Hispanic Society Concert Series was inaugurated in as a free program to promote the music of Spanish and Hispanic composers.


The Concert Series has delighted listeners with the finest recitals, chamber groups, and groundbreaking modern music ensembles. The program augments the viewing experience by providing an auditory context within which the collection can be appreciated. The piece was commissioned and dedicated to the late Puerto Rican mezzo Puli Toro. Its on Spotify for anyone to hear.

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I never met Puli Toro. She made questions to Castel in a booming authoritative voice. I liked her soulful singing, her crystal clear diction and her delivery, forthright, sincere, but never maudlin. Like many lyric mezzos, including myself, her curiosity and intellectual bent took her down the path of chamber music and contemporary composers. The flexibility of a lyric mezzo, who has to show a strong middle register as well as a top lends it itself strongly to doing a variety of styles, as we can easily mimic a second soprano and sing in that range…and because the lyric mezzo must sing music from all the music periods: classical, virtuoso Rossini coloratura as well as the heavier longer lines of a Carmen, this voice type is pretty much ready to handle whatever comes along.

Somewhat daunting and difficult, the solo line is treated as another instrument in the ensemble. While the quintet paints a surrealist landscape in which the voice, set up very much like a star actress that interprets the marvelous Lorca text of the piece, the vocal line interacts in a dynamic way with the melodic lines of the instruments in the score flute, oboe, clarinet, french horn, bassoon ; the instrumental gestures are filled with witty quips that come out to announce a quick pick up or a new melody.

The piece alternates between two modes, a slow motion tempo that gives the opportunity for drama, and stretches of dance- like quick tempo sections. The text describes an odd and unlikely Lorcian parade in the middle of the night in Granada Spain : three Spanish girls in full Spanish costume walking in a single file, with geese and doves trailing behind. The poet speaks of possible lover trysts, sobbing fountains, bronze church bells that rustle softly in the wind.

Humor mixed with wit, sarcasm and fantasy. Kind of like an Almodovar movie, packed in six minutes! The only way I have felt comfortable with this difficult piece is to memorize large sections, especially the playful and unexpected rhythms. With nothing in the ensemble to rely on, listening and learning cues from the instruments has been the only way to navigate the piece for me as a singer.

The tessitura is perfect for the lyric mezzo, it exploits and shows off everything that is good for my voice! Entertaining and theatrical, the piece calls for a lot of personality and imagination. In the internet there are not many signs of Puli Toro. Some reviews and a very short obituary. No biography to speak of and only a scant discography is available.

For someone who gave so much to music, arts organizations, opera companies, festivals and music students she was a professor at Montclair State University in NJ , its hard to believe that there is not more evidence of all her wonderful accomplishments and music premieres she was part of. I for one will be thinking about her when I do this piece this coming week. The concert is dedicated to the music of Roberto Sierra , with which the Quintet of the Americas has had a long association with, and will feature other pieces, some of which have been written for the Quintet throughout the years, such as Salsa para vientos , Soledad for solo horn as well as two world premieres.

There will be an opportunity to meet Mstro. Dia Simon de Roxas.

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Elizabeth George, Debe leer lo que dice la tarjeta varias veces en voz Baptist Spanish Publishing House, Spanish words that begin with v. Spanish words that begin with ve. These proteins, which are found in the seeds, grains, skins, rinds, and leaves of plants, are designed by nature to protect them from predators including humans.

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Now, in The Plant Paradox, he shares this clinically proven program with readers around the world. Disponible por primera vez en eBook! Dune Spanish Edition Frank Herbert. Elena is a seventeen-year old girl who claims to hear the Virgin's voice. Concerned, her parents and priest think it's wise to put her under psychiatric care. But does Elena really belong in a clinic?


It is just the right length for students of intermediate Spanish. Jack Reacher y Will Trent. El doble de dramatismo. El doble de problemas. El nombre del sospechoso es Jack Reacher. Y ahora Will Trent ha entrado en escena.

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