Feelings from My Heart and Soul

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I just write.

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Find the blessings. In every tragedy, or painful time, there are blessings. Whatever your struggle is today, claim your openness to the blessings that have yet to appear and then give them room to rush in. Make time to heal. The best strategies in the world will not speed up the healing process.

We said goodbye to our sweet dog Guinness more than 6 months ago. My heart is lighter than it was in the days that followed that painful goodbye, but there are still days when I get teary, or really, really miss him. Take action.

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When you feel hopeless or helpless, taking action helps. You never have to look very far to find a suffering soul. It is.

Share your heart. Call a friend. Share something on your favorite social platform. Reach out and share your heart. Great advice. Sometimes we need to walk through the mud to get to higher ground and spend some time with our darkness to know what is really going on. Good to hear from you! Thank you for this great advice! When times are really bad I write down everything as if I were speaking to God.

Really bad. This started a forgettable decade in my life. A decade marred with pain, hurt and the absence of love, with no intentions of ever wanting to risk love, hurt and above all else, loss. So I ran, I played games and hurt some wonderful people along the way.

How was I supposed to wrestle with this idea of intimacy and trusting someone with my heart? Over time, I grew numb to my behavior and the reckless destruction I had been causing along the way.

The last thing I ever deserved at this point in my life was a beautiful, open heart that was willing to love me, but for some reason, I received just that. I look back with complete disgust at my inability to love in return. A friend from childhood, whom I had not seen nor heard from in 30 years came back into my life several years ago through the wonders of Facebook.

We picked up nearly exactly where we left off at age 12 as if no time or space between us passed at all. I have this relationship with people I've met on my world travels, we may only have ever spent a week together and yet our hearts and souls remain connected through our shared experiences. It helps me right now in a time when I live in what can be a very disconnected place: Washington DC and I serve part time at the World Bank, such a heady, cerebral place.


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To be reminded again of heart and soul was very much needed today. Thank you. Hugs from my heart to yours, I hope you feel it Heart and especially soul connections go beyond the material boundaries of space and time. Our unconscious or spirit or soul or essence is beyond space and time, and it is at that level that our most significant connections with one another occur. At that level, real me meets real you. I have experienced "heart and soul bonds" in intimate -- and I don't mean sexual -- relating. Such relating is personal, open, and honest.

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In such relating, we are vulnerable and trusting. In such relating, we are outside space and time. All connections with others stay part of us forever, some only to a very minor extent, and the heart and soul bonds stay profoundly with us. What helps me grow in "heart and soul bonds" is that they are fulfilling and enlivening, they feed a hunger in me, and they make life worthwhile. I'm addicted. As I understand, there are two modes of connecting with others in our life:the doing mode and the happening mode.

Right now I am in the doing mode. This morning I got a message from my friend about passing away of another friend who had serious medical conditions.. I expressed my hear felt sadness and condolence to our friend's family.

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Such events happen in relationships. They are not spontaneous happenings that create a sense of awe and wonderment. There are un-planed, effortless and spontaneous communication between me and my friends, relatives and students that create a sense of wonderment, surprise and excitement in me. Yesteday I was feeling the presence of my client in my heart and I got a call from her.

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Yesterday I went to Trader's Joe to purchase a few things. I ran into a Japanese lady whom I had never met before. Both of us felt as if we have met each other before. The first question that she asked me happily surprised me. She asked me if I was meditating.

I forgot about looking for things I was going to buy.