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He looks big and tough, so one night when she was telling me all about the scary night monsters that sneak into her room, I reassured her that Orange Bear was there to keep her safe. The next morning, she stomped out of her room, disgusted, while dragging Orange Bear behind her. With utter disdain, she summarily dumped Orange Bear in the hallway.

Confused, I started dragging him back into her room and she had a fit. Betrayal will not be tolerated. Technically, the Shadow figure is an element of Jungian psychology, not Freudian. Pink Bear is the outlaw, and Minnie is the mentor? Seems fraught with emotional drama to me. You might be surprised by how often inner turmoil is personified into concrete characters. Geek mom!

But its so damn true. Like Liked by 1 person. It was more a raw post about the weird stuff going through my head as I watched my daughter play. Yup, total Godfather reference! The idea of Minnie Mouse steepling her giant white hands while acting as consigliere cracked me up. Your children are really cute! I think alot of people just seem to forget that. One nice thing about blogging all this is we will probably remember many stories we would otherwise forget.

Either my kids are going to be very touched one day or very embarrassed. I believe we can trust Minnie. Ha, they really WERE! My daughter just dragged Orange bear out of her room with toddler disdain and unceremoniously dumped him in the hallway before slamming her door. Orange Bear sold her out. I know a little about Jung and Freud and prefer Jung but Freud worked well for this. I like his archetype and shadow theories.

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Streetcar named Desire? Talk about selling people out… It would be interesting to read Freudian and Nietzchien?

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I should read more about Jung. I completely agree about Freud. Sure, he had some innovative ideas and yes, sex factors into our psychology, but I think he took it way too far.


Sometimes a circle is just a circle and a line is just a line… not everything in the entire universe represents genitals, sheesh…. I guess Jung had the same issue with Freud, which is why he broke off. You favorite play? I remember Blanche likes to paint beauty onto ordinary things paper lanterns covering the lights , Stanley was a feral caveman, and Stella straight up sold her sister downriver. I should read it again. Oops typo.

She herself represented a confused superego. Survival of the ruthless. Freud put a truly disturbing take on everyday life, and I think he went way overboard.

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I read a biography about him once, trying to understand him, and decided he had a strange upbringing that gave him a really skewed perspective. Hey Erin, sorry for the super late ass reply. Been a little busy. I saw in one of your posts you had a hand surgery? How is it?

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Are you feeling better? Sounds great! I love analyzing films, books, ideas… whatever.