How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster

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He's obviously trying to fool us. Look at that complete and utter look of bewilderment like he doesn't know what's going on. I know an act when I see one. Or at least it did before it began eating the staff one by one. You children bring shame to the exorcist name! There was silence on the other side of the door.

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I assumed Kiyori and Taisei were busy reflecting on their actions until Kiyori yelled. I could see the old man turning red, and he looked like he was about to explode. And where's my lawyer? I felt a sense of relief wash over me, but that feeling of relief was quickly replaced by how angry I was at Akito. Akito had started acting super kind like he was my friend ever since I came to, but I wasn't falling for the same trick again. He was probably just waiting until my guard was down before finishing me off.

Itsuki had gone quiet. He was standing in the corner eyeing me up like he was trying to figure out the appropriate charm to exorcise me. I was shocked at how quickly the guy had gone from being my nemesis, to my buddy, and then wanting me dead. Maybe he was suffering from some multiple personality disorder.

Itsuki seemed pretty good at hiding stuff about himself so it wouldn't be a surprise. I felt tempted to blurt out his secret Itsuki had the ability to sense monsters , but a part of me still believed that we could be friends once this whole misunderstanding had been worked out. He handed Itsuki a piece of paper with a charm painted on one side. It was an exorcist weapon which could create fire, lightning, or water by simply chanting a mantra. Itsuki looked like he was seriously going to use it before Akito dashed out and created a shield between the exorcists and me.

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After what seemed like forever, the old man finally relaxed. My eyes flicked between Akito and the old man. I thought I was lucky to have survived the fox monster attack, but I had a feeling that my real problems had only just begun. Go to chapter 2. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Search Search for:. Works By M. Follow M. Popular Posts.

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