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In addition to this type of vacation, they were offered a holiday in the countryside, as well as some of the active holidays of the adventurous type. For this reason, some of the promotional marketing campaigns in the past years could be mentioned, which were conducted in order to improve the overall picture of the national brand. Among them were the following:. Table 2. Summary of the promotional campaign of the national tourism brand. Target market Regional Campaign name Sea calling-Montenegro i.

It can be concluded that it is necessary to promote the national brand awareness at the international level. Accordingly, the unique prism of identity can be used for harmonization of the structural components at a high level and the provision of adequate alternative. What the prism contains is the physical information about the tangible attributes of the national destination natural landscapes, cultural heritage, climate conditions ; temperament of the domicile population hospitality, friendly confrontation, relaxation ; spiritual values integrity, family values, pride, respect for history ; internal picture intact, diversity of small and modest offer ; reflection rest, research ; and social aspects safety, nobility.

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Some of the solutions offered should satisfy the defined tourist segments by strategy in terms of what they know, think and decide on the final choice MSDT, a. The emphasis should again be placed on the available natural resources as the authentic tourist resource, but with the special emphasis on the tendency towards returning to the primordial state before the beginning of massive use.

This certainly implies taking into account the definition of precise limits of destination acceptance, which must be the leading thought or association of potential tourists when reading the new promotional slogan. In this its driving force and meaning is reflected. Among the mandatory nuances would be: red as a symbol of nationality , yellow association of light and sun and blue dominant color of the Adriatic coast.

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Conclusion and future perspectives Due to its climate, natural resources, and geographical position, Montenegro is an ideal area for the implementation of the concept of sustainable development. Natural diversity is supported by the fact that Montenegro is among the European countries that have the highest number of living species per area and it hosts numerous endemic species.

By using the latest indicator system, the greater efficiency of social activity and compliance of actions of tourism entities in the direction of the final realization of the long-standing active process of establishing the well-organized destination system is achieved, primarily characterized by the sustainability of the available natural wealth. The tourism products that Montenegro could count on in the future are divided into several levels of priority. The first level priority would be the products of interest for investment and development. Priority of the second level would be products for selective investment and management, while the third-level priorities would be exclusively products related to destination management.

The main criteria that should be respected in defining priorities would be the proportionate market size of the corresponding segment. According to the mentioned criterion, the tourism products which should be especially emphasized and on the basis of which Montenegro can become particularly competitive are: 1 adventure, 2 nature and rural tourism, and 3 tours and culture. These products have high development potential, as well as the current state above average development, which is in absolute harmony with the basic motive of visiting tourists—relaxation.

Adventures should be further differentiated through the wide range of adventurous activities, which emphasize the active and self-determining participation of visitors as the current global trend. The rural tourism product can be developed through organized promotion and enrichment of the unique cultural offer, the usual attractions and manifestations.

In the case of cultural tours, the special form of experience would be an organized trip and a tour of representative or main tourist attractions of Montenegro with the greatest potential for attracting tourists. This kind of experience contributes to the strengthening of the educational component and the ecological awareness of visitors, which is crucial for the country of prominent ecological commitment. Brussels, BEL, November. WALL G. Lorena P. Valerio is a corporate trainer, facilitator, speaker, and a certified hospitality educator CHE. She also had presented her two researches on customer service and loyalty topics in the 2nd and 3rd National Business Management Conferences.

These experiences must be captured real-time or instantaneous using systems, tools, applications, and devices, which customers are using i. Gone are the days when organizations compete based on product quality or price. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram even before the company can address the complaint. With this is issue, getting instant assessment or real-time feedback from customers is gaining importance. Instantaneous consumer assessment is becoming a trend since the Internet has become a two-way communication tool, which gives customer voice Harvey To date, only few researches on instantaneous customer assessment ICA concerning the hospitality industry, have been put together to highlight more of its importance to customers, its ripple effect to the business.

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The theory of value co-creation is the collaboration between customers and businesses, which often mediated by technology, which leads to 1 innovation, 2 customer engagement CE and 3 better customer services. The objective of this paper is to present the importance of applying the ICA process, how it affects customer satisfaction, the benefits to the organizations that are already currently using the process and how it impacted the business.

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The author supported the journal and articles reviews with current practices of different hotels, concerning instantaneous customer assessment ICA. Keywords: Customer service, customer experience, instantaneous customer assessment ICA , marketing, on-line review, real-time feedback, customer surveys.

Previous researches have presented that customer feedback techniques, such as customer comment cards, are extensively applied but have met with inadequate success in terms of delivering an in-depth understanding of customer needs, wants, and expectations to help management in the its decision making process Hemmington ; Soderlund; Voss et al. With this is issue, getting realtime feedback or instant assessment from customers is gaining importance, it is becoming a trend since the Internet has become a two-way communication tool, which gives customer voice Harvey This paper defines instantaneous as real-time, instant, or immediate.

Assessment is defined as feedback or review. The author of this paper coined ICA as instantaneous customer assessment.


The implementation of ICA instead of using the traditional way of getting customer satisfaction feedback, i. These activities take time and simply give the common issues around customer satisfaction, instead of helping businesses know when particular customers are unhappy and what actions should be dome immediately to minimize the impact of dissatisfaction Denne Research shows that customer emotions become long lasting with time.

Sampson study states the company-solicited feedback through the use of tools such as surveys and focus groups that allow customers to give their judgment about the experienced product or service. Traditional Methods of Gathering Customer Assessment Long Range System article, discuss the problems with traditional methods of gathering customer feedback such as telephone surveys, paper comment cards, online survey links, which have low response rates.

Comment cards are a thing of the past, especially for the guest segments for who smartphones are just a normal way of life Brandau Customers see paper comment cards as oldfashioned and tedious. One common problem posed by those methods is that, because the response rates are low and it is not a representative sample.

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Another issue with these traditional methods is the manual inputting of data in creating a database Long Range System The same issue with the use of secret shoppers, or mystery shoppers, to gather feedback. Data volume can be low, biased and not representative of the regular customer experience. Personal bias can affect results so that validity can be questionable Upfront Analytics Social media, like Yelp surpassed million web users per month or Facebook 1.

The organization is simply left in damage-control mode. But a much better move would be to keep the damage from occurring in the first place if there are tools on how to instantly get customer feedback or assessment. Another disadvantage of the traditional customer feedback systems is that companies do not encourage customers to give instant, on-the-spot assessments and allow days or weeks to pass by, to get feedback.

With instant customer assessment, customers are inclined to give more focused, up to date, relevant, and honest assessments when they are experiencing or newly experienced the products or services or issues at hand rather than waiting for a long period of time, when customers memories of service experience could have forgotten.

The advantage of giving customers opportunity to provide instant, on-the-spot, real-time assessments, helps to quickly resolve issues between customers and companies Shi Marketers, before creating products and services study the target buyers through market research. Customer assessment can give an insight whether the company is doing things right Robinson Valuing customer assessment make the customers feel they are being heard and their voices are important in receiving better service in the future.

Therefore, customers can communicate with service providers from product design up to the delivery or consumption of products and services. This shows an interactive process of learning thereby creating value together have the opportunity to create value through tailored, co-produced products and services Ballantyne Value co-creation is enhanced through the partnership between the company and the customer Wieland, Polese, Vargo, and Lusch ; Ramaswamy The introduction of new technologies has empowered an intensified capability to channel consumer assessment into the product or service development process.

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According to Facebook, Inc. With that, technology including the Internet has brought remarkable competition by giving customers opportunity to view prices and availability of product and services, throughout many diverse markets Sviokla including customer online reviews.

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The said system helps in managing the instant customer assessment of more than AccorHotels guests Verma Assessment provided by customers could be priceless, in the real-time world of the Internet, since it paved the way for the organization to resolve complaints before they can become a setback for the company and give the competitors the chance to steal an unhappy customer Vrbanac The explosion of guest feedback or customer assessment can be incredibly valuable to anyone in the hospitality industry, but reacting quickly can be a challenge because of the growing volume of reviews.

In a recent test made by DropThought for three restaurants, negative reviews on Yelp dropped between 8 percent and 17 percent in the eight months over a 16 month period, when instant feedback mechanism was introduced as compared to the eight months before without the using the instant feedback. A one-star improvement in Yelp ratings translates to a 5 to 9 percent revenue increase, according to research conducted by Dr Michael Luca, assistant professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. The key is for organizations to able to interact closely and instantly with their customers.

Managers get instant alerts on customer assessments, which may be positive or negative, through a mobile app. Businesses can also view customer feedback and trends in real-time from anywhere on their DropThought web dashboard Marketing Weekly News , pp. The founders MindShare believe that technology specifically mobile devices could bring more and better customer feedback, quicker almost instantly and throughout all levels of an organization.

Through technology, the organization leverages its existing processes to generate assessment from customers, respond to their issues CRM Magazine November Innovation The classification of innovations, according to Hjalager , is divided into the following categories: product innovations, process innovations management innovations innovation related to human resources, i.

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Today, companies understand that innovation is a must to keep up with the competing arena of customer service-focused industries Camarinha-Matos The competition does not only copy each new innovation but also add some improvement. According to Yeniyurt, Henke, and Yalcinkaya psychology research shows that people tend to be more engaged when they feel that their contribution will be acknowledged. The increasing popularity of Web 2. With this, the companies respond by innovating their business models to better engage with customers and use it as their competitive advantage.

Research on customer engagement as a form of customer management is increasing Verhoef et al. According to Robinson , in the order of valued customer behavior, satisfied and repeat customers are good and customers who endorse and support your brand may be better, but customers who provide feedback to improve or create potential value for the organization which boosts its competitive advantage may be the best, since these customers can assist the company uncover problems in products and services.

Implementing an instant feedback mechanism will make it easier for these customers engage with the company. If the company engages the customers, they can be the best overseers of the performance of its products and services, which leads to better customer relationship management system Sviokla ICA For Better Customer Services The theory of value co-creation when considered helps organizations create better results in terms of customer satisfaction.

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Since the voice of the customers are heard and given importance, the organizations have the opportunity to design their products and services to the needs and expectations of their customers resulting to customer satisfaction. Ensuring that the ICA company system has built-in real-time reporting and analysis with the objective of gaining insight into the wants and the needs of the customers CRM Magazine November The majority of unsolicited feedback is spoken to the front-line employees.

Hotel guests or restaurant customer may give their real-time feedback, i. ICA, during their stay in the hotel or while consuming their food in the restaurant. Van der Heijden, Schepers, Nijssen, and Ordanini , study found that numerous face-to-face interactions with customers provide front-line service staff with opportunity to capture customer reactions, feedback, improve internal processes, and implement service recovery by quickly resolving complaints.