Meet The Gang (theme from It Aint Half Hot Mum)

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With music and laughter to help you on your way, To raising the rafters with a hey-hey-hey! With songs, and sketches, and jokes old and new, With us about, you won't feel blue!

So meet the gang 'cause the boys are here, The boys to entertain you! For their part, the Concert Party happily keeps Parkin around because they not only consider him to be a "nice bloke" but also know that Williams will be reluctant to send the Concert Party into danger if his alleged son is likely to have to go with them. Lieutenant-Colonel Reynolds is the most senior officer in charge of the concert party and enjoys their shows immensely.

He thinks army life in Asia is very hard, while all he does is sit around sipping pink gin and dining with the elite. He is a stereotypical British Army Officer, very stiff upper lip and prim and proper. Captain Ashwood's utter stupidity does occasionally infuriate him, but he is effectively good-natured and tries at all costs to avoid losing the easy life he has. Reynolds is revealed to be a solicitor in civilian life. Captain Ashwood is an even bigger fan of the concert party than Colonel Reynolds, especially when they dress up as girls.

He is not very bright, and often unknowingly ruins other people's plans, especially the Sergeant Major's. His catchphrase is "It's a tricky one, sir", which he says in reply to Colonel Reynolds asking for his opinion when the concert party runs into a particular problem. He occasionally writes skits for the concert party, which they reluctantly accept, although they are, on the whole, absolutely awful. He has absolutely no military bearing in him, which makes it very easy for the Sergeant Major and the others to manipulate him into using his authority to achieve their own ends.

He is known for his stupidity, high-pitched voice, and love of gardening. He is exceptionally devoted to his wife, Fiona. The Sergeant Major is the only real, professional soldier among the concert party and its officers. He is extremely bigoted in his views, making every effort to bully the Indian camp staff and remind everyone of British supremacy in Asia. He has only one goal in life: to get his soldiers posted up the jungle and into action as fast as he can.

Williams has a cunning and fierce pirate-like look. He is disgusted that his soldiers prance about on the stage wearing dresses and make-up all the time and frequently calls them a "bunch of poofs". He is sometimes portrayed as a stereotypical "devious" Welshman, using cunning schemes to turn events in his favour. He dislikes all members of the concert party, apart from Parkins, whom he believes to be his son. He has a particular loathing for "Lah-Di-Dah" Gunner Graham, owing to his university education, although Williams will praise Graham for it if it serves his purposes.

Williams often mispronounces long words, turning "hysterical" into "hystorical" or "historectical", "misapprehension" into "mishappropriation", "education" into "heducation" and "ignorant" into "higorant". Williams also has a tendency to exclaim "Shut up! There is some inconsistency over Williams' full name. In the series 3 episode "Don't Take the Micky" we hear his thoughts and he uses the name Tudor Bryn Williams to refer to himself, but in the final episode he reads out the name on his newly-issued ration book as "B. It is possible that "Tudor" is a play on the actor's own name, but this is unconfirmed.

He is a very intelligent individual and often has some sort of devious plot to avoid being posted or to get one over on the Sergeant Major.

It Ain't Half Hot Mum - Season 1

His father was a pawnbroker in Bond Street and he is a Jew. He left at the end of Series 2 when he was demobbed back to England. He considers himself an artiste, and doesn't believe he should be in the Army, often trying to emphasize his show-business angle and ignore the "soldier" parts of his job.

It Ain't Half Hot Mum Season 2 Ep 1 Showing The Flag

He has a passion for show business and always dresses up as famous film stars during the concert party shows, especially as Ginger Rogers. Despite Beaumont's effeminacy, he meets a nurse in the episode 'Ticket to Blighty' and they announce they are to be wed. However, no more is heard of this plot line. Is it a soldier? It's Gunner Sugden. He has an amazing tenor voice which even the Sergeant Major cannot resist when he sings. Unfortunately, he is always picked out by the Sergeant Major as a "volunteer" when there is a particularly nasty or dangerous task to be carried out.

He has been married three times; his two previous wives were called Agatha and Betty, and according to a letter, [ clarification needed ] Sugden's third and present wife shares a house with Betty. The Sergeant Major wrongly believes that Parkins is his son. Williams had a relationship with Parkins' mother Edith in Colchester , which is why he treats him much better than he treats the others, and keeps telling him he has "a fine pair of shoulders" Parkins is not Williams' son, but when the rest of the concert party discover what the Sgt Major believes, Parkins is welcomed into the party, as the Sgt Major would want to stop it being sent into battle as long as Parkins is a member.

In an early episode, the party get hold of Williams' and Parkins' medical records, they discover that Parkins is blood group O and Williams is AB, so Parkins cannot be Williams' son, but they change Parkins' blood group on his medical file so Williams believes he is his son Consequently, Williams becomes very selective about Parkins' achievement — praising him when he does something right and ignoring when Parkins makes huge blunders.

For instance Parkins is appointed as Battery Clerk — since he has no exploitable talent for the concert party — and, having misunderstood an order from the Sergeant-Major, proceeds to have the Officer's Mess demolished.

Know another quote from It Ain't Half Hot Mum?

Sergeant-Major Williams had told him to "remove the mess by the Officers' lines", referring to a pile of old beds that were to be discarded, and he destroyed the Officers' Mess. Then Colonel Reynolds tells him to order tent pegs and he orders tents Parkins references the show's title in the first ever episode when he signs off a letter to his mother with the words "I've been in India now two days, and it ain't half hot, Mum. Gunner Graham is the concert party's pianist. His appearance — bald and bespectacled — marks him out as a stereotypical boffin.

It Ain't Half Hot Mum star urges BBC to air an episode in tribute to Windsor Davies

He has a university degree in English literature in early episodes, he claims to have attended Oxford , but in later episodes, he claims to have attended Cambridge. He is very clever, speaking with a very upper-class accent. Graham often has difficult and ingenious plans to solve the concert party's problems, but these plans never seem to work and often result in him saying "Oh well, bang goes that theory. He is rather short-tempered, especially when Beaumont calls him a "great, big, butch, hairy haggis ". He is very macho, and is a bit of a contradiction to what Beaumont thinks is right for the concert party.

Nevertheless, Mackintosh always tries his best and copes with what is given to him. He is not particularly clever and often makes nonsense comments or observations about situations in which they find themselves. He is always eating something and once stayed on punishment in the canteen four hours after he was relieved as he was enjoying himself resulting in him spraying the contents of his mouth all around him when he speaks.

Rangi Ram is the concert party's native bearer and very proud to be of service to the army. The Sergeant Major shouts at him more than at anyone else, but Rangi is also the one he confides in when he wants to talk about problems. Rangi often provides the audience with an "old Hindu proverb" at the end of the episode, such as "There is an old Hindu proverb which say that if you see two eyes looking at you in the dark, it is not always a Tiger.

It might be two one-eyed Tigers! Though he often speaks of himself as British, he will show divided loyalty when his Indian aspect is under threat — when asked to burn the Indian flag by the Sergeant Major, he refused.

It Ain't Half Hot Mum - WikiVisually

Gunner 'Nobby' Clark: I didn't know snakes were afraid of geese. Gunner 'Nobby' Clark: I always thought concubines were those little animals, with spikes on their backs.

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