Meet the Sea Horse: A 15-Minute Book (Meet the Animals 4)

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Later, they are joined by Lewis Mowbray, who comes to work as a handyman in the manor. Angus' father Charlie —Killin's former handyman— is a sailor in the Royal Navy and has been missing since his ship was sunk in the war almost a year ago; Angus is unable to accept that it is unlikely he will ever come home.

One day, while collecting seashells, he discovers what appears to be a large mysterious egg in the sand, which he leaves in his father's shed. When he returns later, an unknown creature hatches, which he calls 'Crusoe' after Robinson Crusoe. Angus decides to keep the creature a secret, but eventually tells his sister and Lewis after they discover it. Lewis explains to Angus that it is a genderless " Water Horse " that lays one egg, then dies before it hatches. An artillery battery is set up near the lake as a defence against German U-boats while the troops set up camp on the manor grounds.

Meanwhile, Lewis discovers Crusoe to have grown so big that he and Angus have no choice but to let it roam free in the loch. Captain Hamilton proclaims Lewis to be a bad influence, and Angus' mother allows him to teach Angus some discipline and make a soldier out of him. However, after a few days of training, Angus escapes and returns to the lake, where Crusoe, now a full-grown adult, encourages Angus to ride on its back.

After some time, it begins to dive underwater.

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Angus, having aquaphobia , protests diving, but later enjoys himself and finally overcomes his phobia. The next day, Captain Hamilton takes the MacMorrow family to a hill overlooking Loch Ness; Crusoe suffers from shock after almost getting hit by an exploding artillery shell during a firing demonstration. Angus interrupts to save Crusoe from injury or death, but in the process, enrages Hamilton and irates Angus' mother, who doesn't know what a Water Horse is and won't believe Angus when he tries to tell her.

Angus is sent to his room at six every night for a month, as punishment for his inappropriate behavior on the hill.

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Two fishermen who previously saw Crusoe, attempt to take a photo of the creature for fame and fortune. When they realize that they won't be able to photograph the real thing due to the bombardment, they decide to create an imitation. The photo piques the interest of a few soldiers, who venture out on the lake at night to hunt it with Sergeant Walker leading the hunt. Crusoe rises, but still in shock and fear from the earlier bombardment, nearly bites off Angus's hand before sinking back into the loch.

Hamilton's dog Churchill, having caught Crusoe's scent at the shore, alerts the soldiers of its presence. Crusoe then surprises the soldiers and capsizes their boat but not before one of the soldiers sends out an SOS to Hamilton, who thinks the Germans are attacking.

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Back at the loch, Angus attempts to calm down Crusoe, who is attacking Strunk, and wades into the lake where he loses his footing and sinks. Crusoe comes to Angus' rescue and saves his life. When his mother arrives, she finally believes her son when she sees Crusoe, though does not notice the creature at first and accuses Lewis of filling Angus' head with tales of sea creatures and magic.

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The nearby artillery battery soon opens fire upon Crusoe, having mistaken it for a German U-Boat. Angus, Hamilton, Anne, and Lewis lead Crusoe to safety at the net, who escapes into the sea. At sunrise, Angus finally accepts his father's fate before they watch Crusoe's departure. See the Filtration Room Ever wonder how we keep millions of gallons of water clean for our animals?

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