Sorrow Answered: A Journey of Grace

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I had them off and on throughout my childhood. They were debilitating. I could not function when one hit. As I entered puberty, they began to slowly increase in frequency. In my senior year of High School, they began to rapidly increase in frequency and severity. I ended up in the emergency room about once a week until finally, my head hurt all day every day. I am now almost 38 years old. Has there ever been a temptation to be angry at God? My physical pain, my emotional pain, and my addiction have given me life experiences to be able to understand the mind of an addict in a way only an addict can.

It has helped me to understand and truly empathize with the addict and their family.

It has opened doors for ministry. I would never have been able to walk through without my life unfolding exactly how it has. I had a guy comment to me this week about how some of the things I have written had helped him in his walk. I do know this, though: I would never have scripted my life this way when I was Yes, I went through 15 years of hell, as did most of the people around me.

I firmly believe God will accomplish the exact same outcome in each of our lives if we will trust and abide in him, even through the pain, especially through the pain. Lord, I lift up to you all of those who today are walking through pain. I ask for your comfort for them. I ask that you reveal your love to them in ways they might have never known before. I pray for your encouragement and grace to sustain them during this season of sorrow.

I ask that you would bring people alongside them to comfort and help sustain them. I ask that you strengthen their faith to trust that you have plans to prosper them, plans to give them hope and a future. I ask that you help them to trust that the outcome might not be what they planned, but it will be so much better because you planned it.

Thank you for your voluntary suffering, which rescues us. What a profound steaming load of psycho-babble crap. And yet, children are allowed to be thrown into ovens? This is love? Allow me to ask you this.

With God allowing the Holocaust do you think another Holocaust will ever happen? No, because the sacrifice of all those innocent souls ;who are now living in paradise and realize why their pain was put upon them, gave us the knowledge to prevent something similar from happening in the future.

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Kids getting thrown in the oven, those kids are now in paradise with their creator and they know that their pain was put on them for a reason. When something happens to someones child what does it usually make someone else do? It makes them more aware of real life possibilities which helps them prevent the same thing from happening to their child.

Tell me, how is this different from an insurance broker coming to you claiming to sell you the best package that will give you return in the long term. Suffering is suffering, suffering is bad, full stop.

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I know your heart hurts to think all this Joseph, and know one blames you for your questions you have denying. Your choice. Only when you walk into the Valley of profound pain and you give yourself to GOD will you understand. Remember pain comes in many forms, physical and mental emotional. From my own personal experience, after my suffering and talking to GOD, did he respond. He responded not with words but with relieving my emotional pain, the constant thinking and sobbing. The physical toll it was having on me, not being able to sleep, or eat, headaches, forgetfulness, i could go on and on.

GOD took every last bit of it away.

Why does God let bad things happen?

I pray for you, that you can experience this eternal joy without walking through the Valley of pain. I pray that this helps you, may GOD bless you! I relate to Joseph above. I find myself angry at God, not for personal tragedy or suffering, because my life has been pretty blessed. I understand how trials can refine our faith.

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There is one story that haunts me, Sylvia Lykens, the sixteen year old girl who was tortured to death in This is just an example. I understand what you are saying but God do not do things to humans on earth but man that cause pain to one another. I agree with the author he gives us pain for his glory. Our family, too, has been struggling through decades of emotional pain.

I, too, despite my lifelong faith, feel myself continually crying out for answers. To the person who asked about the children who suffer and die, I would say that, as hard as it is sometimes, we have to remember that when a child of God dies, that person is no longer in pain. They are no longer hurt, angry, or confused.

Now, of course, we are all of those things. Those of us left behind are hurt, angry, and confused. But the person who was suffering is now pain-free, in glory, filled with joy. Joseph, I take it that you think that throwing children into ovens is wrong? How can it be wrong or evil, if there is no God.

The fact that you see it as evil gives you some idea that there is right and wrong in this world, that knowledge brings you pain, just as it does God. God gave us that sense of right and wrong, along with the pain that comes from seeing man causing suffering to others.

‘God’s Not Done with You Yet’: Widow Shares Her Family’s Journey from Grief to Joy

There is a day when all evil will be dealt with, yours, mine and those who committed the Holocaust. The only hope any of us have is in Jesus.

Earth has no sorrow, that heaven can not heal: GRACE IN SORROW #dailydevotional

So perhaps rather than acting all high and mighty as though you have some greater understanding of life and this world you need to humble yourself. Realize that Jesus understands your pain and the pain of those who suffer, as He took on all of our sins and became sin on the cross so that we can know eternal peace with Him.

Hi,i read your article about pain and I really needed it. Bless you. Pain has a purpose.

No doubt God allows struggles and pain,He also has blessed us with mercy ,grace and communion with fellow believers and through the fellowship and listening to God in prayer peace WILL come. I just think GOD can be cruel, how do not get upset. A family friend repeatedly molested me for ten years. Actually, it has made me weak. I constantly let people run me over, say what they want and I never defend myself.