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Mindy was pissed and she was banging on the door threatening to break it down. Josh brought out some boards of wood from the kitcken cabinets and started using them to reinforce the door.


After reinforcing the door with seven boards of wood Josh said "There's no way she's getting through that.. Andreas paused for a moment thinking "no I don't Josh went back to his room and got on his computer. Andreas went back to his room and got in his bed. His vision was a little blurry so he didn't notice that his skin was starting to smooth out. Quickly falling asleep, his body started changing.

First his skin began smoothing out with his body hair getting sucked in. Next his hair started lengthening out growing past his shoulders and chest.

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Next some strange happened his skin which was still a pasty white started tanning out. The tan started at his face and spread out to the rest of his body.


Normally the Bimbo virus didn't alter the race of the victim only altering their gender, physical appearance and rewiring their personality to help spread the virus. However Andreas had unwittingly exposed the Bimbo virus to pepper spray and had started a chain of mutation in his body. The virus was mutating again driven by the properties of the pepper spray which although sold in the United States used peppers framed in central America.

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Andreas was not only becoming female he was turning into a latin American. Next Andreas's face smoothed as his facial hair disappeared and his features softened becoming womanly and delicate. Next his muscles and body mass began shrinking as his height dropped from 5'11 to a more fitting 5'5. Rolling around in his sleep Andreas was having a confusing dream. He was dreaming that he was a girl and a spanish one at that.

The dream made no sense but it felt so real as if it was his reality. Outside the dream Andreas's body continued changing. His adam's apple shrunk back into his throat turning his baratone voice into a soprano's. Next, his clothes shrank down to a pair of weight calvin klein pantites and bra. Meanwhile his arms and legs were shrinking while his stomach was starting to tone. His face already effeminate looked like it belonged to a model.

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His hands and feet shrank down to womanly proportions giving him size small hands and size 7 feet. Andreas turned over in his sleep he felt hot as if his whole body were on fire.

Next his spine crunched as it bent thrusting his still flat ass backwards and chest forwards. Then his thighs began gaining mass becoming womanly strong and supple. Then his hips grew to birthing size giving him a gorgeous soda-glass figure. Andreas started moaning, while he was still asleep the transformation was starting to starting to pleasure his body.

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Back in his dream he saw a mirror showing a very hot spanish looking woman lying on his bed. She had an ass that any girl would kill for and was well endowed with D cup boobs.

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Back in his room his penis had began to shrink. While Andreas was well-endowed his masculine features were no match for the Bimbo virus. His cock was shrinking by the second quickly disappearing and folding itself back into a fresh vagina. Back in his dream Andreas was still looking in the mirror only to realize that the spanish girl was him. As she reached down to her new equipment Andreas began pleasuring himself in his dream.

Back in the real world she was still asleep but her moans were getting louder and louder. She was reaching her limit as she had her first female orgasm. As Andreas's new body errupted for the first time the newly christened girl woke up. Touching her new chest she let out another "Moan Touching her new vagina she felt another pang of pleasure moaning "Moan..

I get to Josh Servitje succeeded with a multipronged strategy.

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He marketed his cellophane-wrapped, mass-produced bread as healthful and dependable, in contrast to the traditional French rolls, or bolillos — common at Mexican breakfasts — that were unavailable intermittently during frequent labor disputes and that sometimes originated in unhygienic bakeries. In the early s, sales of his white bread still lagged behind those of tortillas and bolillos, so he introduced Mexican consumers to other American-style products, like hot dog and hamburger rolls and doughnuts. And after diversifying into candy and chocolate — controlling the entire process from production to delivery — Grupo Bimbo fended off potential competition by acquiring the Mexican rights to Wonder Bread.

The company then broadened its distribution, expanding its market penetration in the United States beyond the South and buying companies abroad. Servitje was president of Grupo Bimbo until and board chairman until He also served with many civic groups and frequently wrote about business ethics. He studied accounting at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

His wife, Carmen Montull, died in He is survived by two sons, six daughters, 24 grandchildren and 50 great-grandchildren. Log In.