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One local media member described it to me as, "literally the most exciting moment in the city's history. To me the debate over which arena is louder is silly. They're both ridiculously loud, unlike any other buildings I've been in around the league. Call it a tie, which is just good for hockey, as this series has been. Whiteout vs. Goldout, street party vs. The NHL playoff system unfortunately matched the two best teams in the regular season against one another in round two, so all we could hope for was a series befitting of each team's greatness. That's exactly what we got. These are two heavyweights trading blows in a series that feels far more like it's being played in early June than early May.

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And I will be happy on the days each franchise finally celebrates winning the Stanley Cup. I can already see the crowds lined down Portage and Broadway for the parades. But, if I'm being honest, I was selfishly happy when the Predators won Monday night because it guarantees us one more game of this series that has been so fun. One more night of these two cities, these two fanbases and these two teams giving us something special.

There is nothing like a game seven in sports, and tonight will be historic. There has never been a game seven played in Nashville before. The Jets have never played in a game seven period. I have no idea who will win the game, but the ultimate winner is hockey. Some 1, miles away I imagine there will be another whiteout in Winnipeg and every tv in the city will be on their Jets.

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You don't even cover our market. That is the main thing, just as it is with the players. All three are solid," said Kelley. She doesn't back off. She gets exactly what she needs. Kerry Sayers is probably best in interviews. She knows the game. She has the players' respect. There is no kidding around. Jody Jackson really works hard and she seems to know the game. For somebody who came from Florida, she doesn't have that glazed look in the eye when there is talk about the neutral zone trap. Still, every once in a while, the women reporters have to win over some males who try to trap them in trivia contests, not believing they know the most elementary details of sports.

Sayers recalls one guy who thought she didn't know what a switch-hitter was. That's when you can hit right-handed or left-handed.

WXYZ's Brad Galli again named Michigan Sportscaster of the Year finalist

I said I played softball at the University of Michigan and I am a sports broadcaster, so I know what switch-hitting is. She ended up marrying the guy, Chris Paradise, in June of She was hired by Empire in November, He works in sales in Cleveland. Sayers concedes their commuter marriage is less than ideal but the price they had to pay for getting their dream jobs. She tries to get home as much as she can and says Empire tries to help out in scheduling her days off.

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I feel like I'm never caught up time-wise with my husband or in general taking care of my house or my apartment. As my husband once put it, we didn't get married to live apart. I know I can't stay here forever. Whether forever is two years, four years or four months, I can't really say. All three reporters obviously are experiencing some of the downside of covering sports that men have dealt with for decades - the toll working nights and weekends can take on personal relationships.

And to be honest, it's been tough.

I'm still single. When I moved here, I left someone in Chicago. At this point, my career is still more important to me than my personal life. But at some point, we'll have to find some sort of compromise or someone who can deal with that.

The List of Jobs I'd Do For Free Baby!

At this point, that person hasn't come along. Jackson thought the right person had come along. Her engagement, which she discussed publicly on local radio, broke up. She doesn't blame her job, but concedes it can be a scheduling problem for romance. For example, you don't have holidays off.

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My ex-fiance was also a very hard-working individual. It is not easy.