The Gift of Spiritual Wisdom

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So it is not just that the Holy Spirit is nearby, doing his own thing.

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He is in our hearts, making us love with his love. On the one hand, it is a free gift from God, entirely his gift. On the other hand, it is a transformation of us , so that we are different.

Understanding Spiritual Gifts

But the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit named in Isaiah 11 are a way of thinking about the deeper transformative effect of the Holy Spirit. It is not just that we love and everything else remains the same. That love penetrates into every aspect of our personality: our affections, our knowledge, both practical and speculative, our contemplation, our action — everything is transformed.

The highest of these transformations is called the gift of wisdom. Ambrose, Augustine, Gregory the Great, and Thomas Aquinas — has done a lot of work thinking through what it means. To them, wisdom means, first of all, the ability to see the whole, to see how things fit together.

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The guy laying the bricks in a house sees only the brick in front of him, but the architect sees the whole plan, the way that brick fits into his vision of the whole house. But then there is perfect wisdom, which sees how everything fits together. When God looks at the world, he does not just see one damn thing after another, not just a heap of random occurrences.

He sees how it all works together, like the notes in a symphony.

What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit? Bible Meaning and Understanding

Wisdom means gradually coming to participate in that vision, seeing the bigger picture. A second aspect of wisdom, which must be tied to the first, is seeing the purpose of things, the why. The architect knows why the bricklayer is laying that brick. In this sense, wisdom is contemplative. As the Holy Spirit draws us into the love of Father and Son, we see the why of everything else: why there is night and day, why there is suffering and joy, why the rose has its petals, why worms crawl around, why history has taken its various turns. The ultimate meaning of it all is only in the love of Father and Son.

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The material world, though fallen as a result of the sin of Adam and Eve, is still worthy of our love; we simply need to see it in the proper light, and wisdom allows us to do so. Knowing the proper ordering of the material and spiritual worlds through wisdom, Catholics can more easily bear the burdens of this life and respond to their fellow humans with charity and patience. Several passages in the Scriptures deal with this concept of holy wisdom.

For instance, Psalm states that a life lived in wisdom is the ultimate praise given to God:. Furthermore, wisdom is not an end but an enduring expression in our hearts and minds, a way of living joyfully, according to James Share Flipboard Email.

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Updated August 04, His praise endures forever! Finally, the highest wisdom is found in the cross of Christ, which is:. Continue Reading. Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.