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After a few minutes of breath work the remainder of the experience is filled with different sounds and frequencies being introduced in succession. Bring an open ear and an open mind, we provide blankets and mats. Talk to Tarlach , note that he must be in his human form, which lasts sometime between 6 p. He will notice that you already have a spirit stone and give you the keyword Spirit Weapon's Contract. Talk to Tarlach using the keyword Spirit Weapon's Contract , and he will let you choose the type of Spirit Stone and the weapon and then have you name your new Spirit Weapon.

For a gallery of full body portaits, see here.

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Berched will give you the book Transfers the Spirit's memory. Cookies help us deliver our services.

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By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Jump to: navigation , search. You may transfer your Spirit Weapon through the weapon of a same type by talking to Tarlach or Berched e. Sword to Sword , even if both weapons are the same. Gender and name cannot be changed. You may transfer your Spirit Weapon into another weapon of a different type through Dorren e. Sword to Bow.


Gender and name may be changed. You may also use the same type of weapon if you wish to change the name or gender of your spirit, but will still need a new spirit stone. Both methods may cause your Spirit Weapon to lose levels.


The levels lost are random. Level loss can be prevented by using Restorative Liqueur , which can be purchased in the Item Shop. The weapon must also be directly in the Basic Tab of your inventory. Purchasing these items on Alban Heruin Wednesday will save you 18, gold. Alban Heruin Wednesday will save you 28, To activate the transfer, talk to Tarlach or Berched with the Keyword received.

Some of the Spirit Weapon's levels will be lost. Social level will decrease by a fixed value of exactly 2 levels. Any percentage gained prior to transferring will remain. There are touches of history the doings of mad King George, the unrest in France, etc. We see their courtships, their marriages, and their home lives, and we travel to the mines, farm fields, and ocean waters where they earn their livings.

In the first chapter of the book--and first episode of the TV series--Ross Poldark returns to Cornwall after fighting with the British in the American Revolution, only to find his father dead, his property in ruins, and his girlfriend engaged to his cousin. Ross is the son of a younger son, and not much interested in the niceties of class and society, making him an appealing character for modern sensibilities. His quick to learn but almost feral kitchen maid Demelza also plays a major role in the story, and so does Elizabeth, his former girlfriend, and his cousins Verity and Francis.

The book and the TV show complement each other wonderfully. The gorgeous scenery of the BBC production made my reading pleasure all the more vivid, and the book fills in details that the show has to skim over. The novel also gave me a chance to dwell in the story a little longer--an addictive pleasure.

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Immediately after finishing the first book I started the second volume in the series. View all 12 comments. Rating 3. Just gorgeous. Away from the TV show, the first book in the series, Ross Poldark, took a while to get going for me, probably because I was waiting impatiently for them to notice each other so I could re-live my favourite moments; Demelza's devotion and Ross's realisation are as much a joy to read as they are to watch.

It's not all sighing and swooning though as Ross can be a self-righteous pain in the arse at times, and I'm simply not buying his pining for Elizabeth; why would such a practical and passionate man be so hung up on that insipid cold-fish? Yeah yeah yeah, first love n' all that, but c'mon, a choice between sitting around looking pretty and taking tea, or having funny, feisty, adorable Demelza getting stuck into village life and looking after you in both the kitchen and the bedroom - it's no contest.

Ross and Elizabeth don't have a single drop of chemistry, whereas Ross and Demelza crackle with it on every level. As for the rest of the plot, when Ross and Demelza aren't centre stage, my attention begins to wander; with the exception of Ross's cousin, Verity, I'm nowhere near as interested in the other characters or storylines, which may not bode too well for the future books in the series.

However, I'll be reading Demelza next as her story with Ross has completely captivated me. I'm also hoping that knowing the TV series became more engrossing as it progressed, so too will the books. View all 6 comments. For more info on this challenge, click here. Aidan Turner is gorgeous, and it seemed like PBS was running with Ross Poldark to compete with Starz's Outlander , albeit without all the torture and rape.

A Georgian-era romance set in Cornwall that transcends class and features an impoverished nobleman who cares a little too much about his tenants for society's liking? Hell yes!

The problem is the pacing - it is slow and plodding. I think part of that might be chalked up to the book's age; it was published in the s and I think people were more willing to wait for a good thing back then. Now, access to internet and other technologies has shortened people's attention spans and increased the desire for instant gratification.

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Ross Poldark, the eponymous hero, is part of the noble Poldark family. He has just returned from fighting in America - I'm guessing in what was the Revolutionary War - and has returned from Cornwall to find that the woman he was in love with has gotten engaged to his cousin instead. Morose, he turns to alcohol and the minding of the mine on his property, as well as the wellbeing of the people and their families who work in it. His care for his people is what prompts him to take in a girl, Demelza, from her abusive household and hire her on as his servant.

It also prompts him to intervene when a man is caught poaching for his starving family.


There's some action in this book, but it's interspersed between long periods of nothing. I also didn't realize that this was going to be a guardian and ward romance, which I am sometimes into, but not when the ward begins the story as an actual child. I've expanded on my feelings about that more in other reviews, but basically I feel like it's a violation of a child's trust in a parental figure to turn that sort of relationship into a sexual one.

The way that Verity's Poldark's other cousin relationship to a wife-beater is also portrayed in here wasn't great, either.