The Slavers Association: Origins

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Originally posted on The Root. Thomas] Share Tweet Share Share. In some cases, police harassment simply meant people of African descent were more likely to be stopped and questioned by the police, while at the other extreme, they have suffered beatings, and even murder, at the hands of White police.

The Association - The Origins (FULL ALBUM - BEST OF SUNSHINE POP)

Questions still arise today about the disproportionately high numbers of people of African descent killed, beaten, and arrested by police in major urban cities of America. Victor E. Kappeler, Ph.

Slaves on the Silk Road

National Constables Association Bailey Ed. Turner, K.

Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 1 , — Carole Garrison, Police Studies instructor. Tweets by EKUOnline. Connect Twitter Facebook YouTube. Adkins eku. Written by Victor E. Published on January 07,