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The final scene is heart-wrenching. These two guys are clearly meant for each other, but their situation seems so hopeless. I had tears in my eyes. Good old aunt Violet. I liked it so much I am hoping for a sequel! Jul 23, CrabbyPatty rated it really liked it Shelves: reads , second-chance , wartime-conflict , time-travel. Just a lovely bit of a story about present-day Matt who has received an old picture album from his beloved deceased great-aunt Violet.

As a kid, he used to took at the pictures, especially a young attractive man in a uniform - Joseph, Violet's cousin who died in WWII at age On her deathbed, Violet sets something in motion that inexplicably binds these two young men together. Beautifully written! Jun 26, V rated it really liked it. This for me was a nice, lovely and very sweet time travel story. I loved the ending. Jun 01, Cole Riann rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m , m-m-contemporary , m-m-short , m-m-historical , m-m-time-travel , brief-encounters-reviews , dd-time-is-eternity.

Review posted at Brief Encounters Reviews. This is a pretty typical and run of the mill time travel story.


While the characters aren't necessarily unoriginal archetypes, they're aren't quite fully developed either. Still, the strength of this story is in the settings -- first, rural Nebraska and second, the bombed cities of Europe and the beaches of Normandy. The story is pretty straightforward. Matt is mourning the loss of his great great-aunt Violet, who was always a little mi Review posted at Brief Encounters Reviews. Matt is mourning the loss of his great great-aunt Violet, who was always a little mischievous and doted on him as a child.

Before flying back to Oakland after the funeral in Omaha, his mother passes on the old photo album Violet left him, the one he used to pour through as a child. That night, as he gets drunk in his motel room and looks through the old pictures, he settles on the one that used to captivate him, a 19 year old boy with haunted eyes, posing in his army uniform a few weeks before deployment in WWII. That night, Matt dreams of the boy, meeting up in a diner with his aunt now young serving them breakfast as they got to know one another.

Soon, through problems with the cheating ex he hasn't until recently been able to get over, and various continued dreams as the boy, now man turns darker from seeing death and war, the two slowly get to know one another -- all through Matt's dreams. I suppose one of the strong points for me was the paranormal like twist to the time traveling.

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There isn't a time machine, or a specific cause and effect that brings the two together. Their meetings are hazy and unsure, especially afterwards when Matt wakes up again in his own time, over and over again. I liked that there were no complete answers, it left the story open to interpretation. Also, as I said before, the settings really brought the characters to life, especially the decline of Joseph the boy in the picture each subsequent time they meet. From a shy and unsure boy among the cornfields to a hollowed out man with little left to fight for, all framed among hollowed out buildings with rubble crunching under his boots.

This isn't the best time travel story I've read, and the ending wasn't perfect and felt a bit out of sync with the rest of the story, but for the most part I liked it. Jun 01, Neko rated it it was amazing Shelves: dreamspinner-press , dreamspinner-daily-dose. I absolutely loved this story!! I really hope there is some kind of sequel in the future! Just lovely!! Dec 29, Lelyana rated it really liked it Shelves: mm , heart-warming , , short , paranormal-fantasy. You better believe in magic, it feels wonderful. Oh how I wish I'll have a dream like Matt and Joseph Jul 03, Colchicine rated it really liked it.

Love this short and warm story!

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Jun 08, Lucy rated it really liked it. Matt lives in California but goes home to Omaha for the funeral of his great aunt Violet. He doesn't really want to be there but he wants to support his mom. Matt has been suffering over a break up with his boyfriend Brandon four months ago. Even though Matt was the one to break it off due to Brandon's cheating, Matt somehow can't seem to get over him.

Matt's mom, and Violet for That matter, never thought Brandon was good enough for Matt. Matt goes to his hotel to brood. Violet had left Matt her photo album, one he had looked at all through his childhood, listening to the stories of the long gone relatives who's pictures were preserved inside. One in particular always caught Matt's attention. It was of a young soldier, taken just before he went to war in The soldier was Joseph, a cousin of Vioilet's.

He looks sad, with shadowed eyes. He was 19 in the picture and died two years later, alone in a medic tent at war. Matt's reaction to this picture was one of the first ways he realized he was gay. The book was the perfect legacy for him. Alone in his hotel room, sad by Brandon and Violet, Matt falls asleep, and dreams of the sweet Joseph. He is shy and sweet and so beautiful.

He appears to know he won't be coming back to Nebraska, and knows even if he does, he can never be true to himself. He will get married, work the farm and hide part of himself. He wants Matt to show him just this once what it's like. Matt, knowing the real Joseph did die without making it back home, aches for poor Joseph and wants him to be happy. It is sweet and romantic. There is a point, when Joseph asks Matt if he ever passes through again and Joseph isn't there, that Matt think of him.

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Even as a dream, just made me cry. Matt's life in California goes on, and he dreams of Joseph again, this time in the war zone. It's a little more bittersweet this time, and shorter. While Violet shows up in the first dream, she is only talked about in the second one. Matt also comes face to face with Brandon in real life and has to deal with that. I will admit to crying my head off during one point, Joseph is just so lovely and you think of him dying alone on a foreign beach.

Brought to mind how many soldiers have been lost just that way.

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Then I went back and read it again. This is a powerful story and I wish everyone who's lost could have Violet's Present. Jun 01, Ami rated it really liked it Shelves: mm-short-stories. Matt is a modern-day graphic artist. When his Great-Aunt Violet died, Matt gets her photo album.

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